Information Security with 2-Step Authentication

Information Security Doesn't Require Antique Deposit VaultInformation security on the Internet is constantly evolving, requiring you to stay on-top of the latest developments in data protection. One such method is 2-step authentication, which is used online by sites like WordPress, Linkedin and Facebook to deter identity theft. To be effective, your data security plan needs to incorporate authentication controls and document disposal procedures.

What Is 2-Step Authentication?

2-step authentication involves entering a password and security code when accessing online accounts. The security code is normally random, which makes it harder for fraudsters to steal your information. Though this control is not full-proof, it is nevertheless an effective method for the prevention of ID theft. There are multiple variations of this 2-step system for protecting accounts from unauthorized access. It is up to you and your organization to determine the optimal controls given the sophistication of your online presence and sensitivity of the information you store.

Information Security & Digital Record Disposal

Although many only think of paper records when planning document retention strategies, digital media is just as important to protect. The Internet and related devices require the same level of attention and often-times more sophisticated user controls. At Sergeant Shredder, we have the tools and equipment to destroy digital records, for example:

  • CDs and disk drives

  • Computer hard drives

  • Copier hard drives

  • Computer backups

  • Flash Drives

  • X-Rays

  • Microfiche

Once these items are shredded, be sure they are disposed in an effective and environmentally-friendly manner.  Whether you retain records in paper or digital form, consider 2-step authentication for information security. That way you avoid unnecessary risk to your systems and operations. And when you do need to destroy sensitive documents and digital materials, look for a reliable shredding resource (like Sergeant Shredder). We recycle millions of pounds of paper and eWaste every year. The good news is that sensitive information is properly shredded and aren’t added to our landfills.