Information Technology & Identity Protection

Information Technology Is a GivenA Two Step Solution to Personal Identity Protection

Security is a concept that can be universally applied to any environment. The Web is no exception. With 2-step authentication, a password is not enough for someone trying to get a hold of your account. This information technology safeguard requires that a user prove their identity first either through a passcode, PIN, fingerprint, voice print or similar verification option before they get access to personal information.

Two-Step Authentication Process

Most popular online sites use this precaution including social media sites Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn through SMS, or text messages. They send a pass code to the account holder. This information technology two-step process effectively protects online accounts from network threats and helps to prevent any loss of private information.

Authenticator apps provided by tech giants like Google and Windows, also operate under the 2-step authentication process, as each online service a user lists will have a one-time password sent to them for confirmation. Easy to use, 2-step authentication no longer allows one password to give unauthorized users the opportunity to view your online data and has additional uses beyond protecting personal information.

Cloud-Based Authentication for Businesses

When it comes to your business, cloud-based authentication assures secure network and application access for information technology systems. It effectively removes the risks associated with physical codes. No hardware or software is required, effectively reducing both installation and infrastructure costs. In addition, a cloud-based service allows numerous one-time password choices and considerably quickens the response time for security action.

That means you have more control over access to sensitive information, limiting access to personal, confidential and sensitive information. By making it difficult for your data to be breached, two-step authentication guarantees an increase in security from malware threats in both your personal and professional life. Or course you should also be shredding any sensitive information that is in paper form or on media like hard drives that should be properly destroyed.

Have you implemented two-step authentication to your information technology systems?