Is Zero Waste Possible?

Zero Waste ZoneEnvironmentalism in Modern Business

Among organizations that push for greater environmentalism from individuals and businesses, a call for zero waste processes is going out. Zero waste is the quest to increase recycling and reuse so that no product, part, or ingredient goes to waste. Can such a quest be accomplished in modern companies?

Shredding and Recycling

Even with a growing reliance on things like cloud storage and electronic records, businesses of all types still produce a lot of paper waste. From scratch paper used to jot phone numbers or meeting notes to training printouts or quarterly financial presentations, there are ways offices can move toward zero waste when it comes to paper. Put recycling bins around the office for paper products and pages that don’t include sensitive information. Cups, napkins, cardboard, notebook paper, and used typing paper can all be recycled.

Pages that include business information or confidential information should be shredded before recycling to protect business and customer data. Most shredded paper can be recycled. When you use our secure document bins, we handle the shredding for you on site. Plus, everything we shred is recycled.

Convenient Zero Waste Processes for Employees

Train employees and create processes at every level that offer convenient options for environmentally-friendly choices. The Zero Waste Alliance is one of several organizations working to develop awareness about these new trends. Their website includes several free guides to success with reducing waste; there are more guidelines and training materials in the works.

Your business won’t be the first to embark on a quest to reduce waste. One national retailer was able to reduce a number of its waste streams — including tires, motor oil, and food — with help from Quest Resource Management Group. It’s unlikely overall waste will reach zero immediately, but each step on your quest will make a difference.

We make it easy and affordable for Southern California businesses and residents. How will you reduce waste in your business?