IT Asset Shredding

IT Asset Shredding & WonderlaneRecycling, Security and Sustainability

IT asset shredding is a valuable part of security for any organization. The way you handle old equipment may let you create more sustainable processes in your business. Many of the components in technical products — including smartphones, computers, and printers — are not renewable. In many cases, the metals in equipment are both valuable and rare.

Recycle Old Equipment

There are several ways to recycle old IT assets. Copiers and printers are often purchased or leased with the understanding that they will be traded in on newer models as business needs grow. Speak with manufacturers about options for turning equipment in for reuse or buying refurbished items. When you do, determine if the equipment has storage capabilities, as hard drives must be wiped clean or removed. For other equipment, consider working with a vendor that will destroy data completely but recycle valuable parts and resources on the machine.

Protect Your Business with IT Asset Shredding

Have IT assets such as hard drives, flash drives, disks, and data tapes shredded in order to protect your business and customers. In many cases, wiped drives may contain information that is recoverable by hackers. Just a few lines of information can be enough to allow hackers entry to your systems or make customers or employees vulnerable to identity theft.

IT asset shredding destroys information completely. Not sure what’s shreddable and recyclable? Call us and we can determine your best options and which components can be recycled after destruction. For optimal protection, make sure you understand all the steps old equipment goes through after it leaves your office.

How do you handle IT asset shredding?