JCAHO Healthcare Compliance

JCAHO Healthcare ComplianceDon’t Miss the Details

The stringent requirements of HIPAA concerning patient records and protecting Product Information Management (PIM) are a major focus of healthcare organizations. However, various aspects of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) also now require compliance. The details of these standards range from Life Safety Code issues to proper use of shredding receptacles.

When a 32-Gallon Container is Not a 32-Gallon Container

Some entities that must adhere to HIPAA and JCAHO healthcare compliance regulations find confusion in the area of handling containers and proper destruction of sensitive materials. This is separate from the regulations dealing with hazardous, or red-bag, medical waste. The basic issues concerning such containers deal first with their size and secondly with whether or not they are located in a room designated and maintained as a hazardous area.

The proper designation of a hazardous area is detailed in the Life Safety Chapter of the JCAHO Healthcare Compliance regulations. Once this concept is understood, the issue of container size comes to bear. All trash receptacles and containers outside a proper hazardous area must not have a capacity greater than 32 gallons. However, containers within such a designated area may have capacities that exceed this limit, if certain additional conditions are met. These qualifiers include:

  • Adding an insert or using some method to limit the internal capacity to meet the .5 gallons per square foot in a 64 square foot area. This is, of course, the 32-gallon limit.
  • Ensuring it is easy to verify the proper modification of capacity
  • Labeling the container to show the modified capacity

JCAHO Healthcare Compliance With The Sergeant

We understand how challenging it is to ensure full compliance in all the many areas affecting healthcare organizations today. That is why our team works so closely with our clients and partners to address bins for areas governed by JCAHO. We take the guesswork out of the containers you use and ensure they are serviced on the schedule you choose as most appropriate for your needs. We’re just a phone call away. A knowledgeable Sergeant Shredder professional can help you determine what bin size you need in order to comply with HIPAA and JCAHO regulations.