LA Shredding Service Options for Professional Organizers

Organize Thoughts About LA Shredding Service OptionsProfessional Organizing Means Disposing of Sensitive Paper

No matter what type of organizing business you run in the LA area, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with LA shredding service options. Helping your clients destroy old financial records or unnecessary copies of documents with sensitive employee, company, or customer information is one of the best ways to protect them from identity theft, fraud, or compromised data. In rare instances, an in-office shredder does the job. However, for bigger shredding projects, professional shredding services are faster, safer, and more economical option.

4 LA Shredding Service Options

Here are four LA shredding service options to help you with shredding sensitive documents:

1. Drop Off Shredding Locations

If you have a small amount of paper to be shredded, then a drop-off location like Box Brothers may be the easiest solution. We have locked bins located throughout Southern California, making this a fast way to professionally shred a box or two of sensitive documents.

2. One-Time Shred Projects

For bulk shredding jobs, LA shredding service options include one-time jobs, regularly scheduled shredding, and bin and collection services.

Contract with a professional shredding company certified with NAID to collect a large amount of archived documents for destruction when you are cleaning out office space, clearing a data warehouse, or preparing for an audit or site review. Sergeant Shredder comes directly to the site. Documents remain in your control and are shredded on the spot at your location via a state-of-the-art, high-speed shredding truck.

3. Recurring Shredding Services

Schedule bulk shredding services weekly, bi-weekly or monthly if you know you have a recurring need. You’ll save money with ongoing shredding services. Plus, your client’s office remains free of extraneous and possibly dangerous paperwork year round.

4. In-Office Collection Bins

Some industries, such as banking and healthcare, require strict control of data. Personal information is not allowed to sit outside of a locked container any longer than is necessary to get the job done. That means items marked for shredding must be stored in locked collection bins.

We use green certified bins and consoles that remain locked. Our clients contract with us to regularly empty those bins, shredding sensitive documents before leaving their office. This is the best solution for offices with large volumes of paper, especially if they need certificates of destruction for regularly reporting.

As you can see, your professional organizing business has many LA shredding service options. Not sure which option is the best for your next organizing project? Give us a call. We can help you figure out the easiest way to handle unwanted paper and sensitive data (including CDs, electronic media).