Living a Greener Lifestyle

The search for Greener LifestyleFollowing a 3-Step Path

We waste energy and other natural resources every day, without even realizing it. Living a greener lifestyle is a concept strived for by many, but often not executed successfully. This is because we all have ways of life and habits that are hard to break. To start to go truly green in our lives, we have to make changes that are steps in the right direction, but not drastic enough they would be impossible for us to stick with over the long-haul.

Step 1: Basic recycling leads to a greener lifestyle.

One of the easiest ways to start along your path to being green is simply to recycle. We all have bottles of water, cans of soda or some other beverage, we all use paper plates, plastic cups, and so on. An easy step we can all take is to get a recycling bin. Start to recycle things on a weekly basis that you would typically throw away. Another option that becoming more mainstream is composting. Not only does it help with green waste (yard clippings, uneaten veggies, used coffee grounds), it’s great for your garden and flowers. It may not seem like much, but it can make a big difference to the environment over time.

Step 2: Assess potential waste on a daily basis.

Beyond recycling, it is important to understand where there is other waste and the potential for achieving energy efficiencies. To lead a greener lifestyle, we need to know where our faults lay. Assess whether you leave lights on in your house, leave the water running for extended periods while you clean dishes, and so on. Make a list of these things.

Step 3: Take proactive action.

Now it is time to build on recycling and act on where you are wasting energy. From your list, tackle one problem area each week. Being aware of each area in weekly chunks will help you improve upon each before you move to the next.

Living a greener lifestyle is within reach for every single person. It is all about awareness of waste and being willing to change for the better.

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