Memorial Day at Sergeant Shredder

Happy Birthday America & Honoring Memorial DayContinuing to Serve

One of the silent burdens for many veterans is remembering those who served alongside but failed to come home. With the many veterans we have working with us here at Sergeant Shredder, we humbly take time each Memorial Day to stop and remember those who have fallen in the service of our country. Many of our team members participate in special Memorial Day services throughout Southern California during this special time of remembrance.

Many of us at Sergeant Shredder are also proud to serve our veterans in other small ways, from shredding hospital records from the VA health centers to ensuring personal information is destroyed and kept out of the hands of identity thieves. While it is important to take this time each year to honor those who have fallen, it is a point of pride to provide service to veterans throughout the year.

A History of Honoring Vets

Set by Congress to be observed on the last Monday of each May, Memorial Day has its roots in those desiring to acknowledge the terrible losses of the Civil War. Arlington National Cemetery was the site of the first formal Memorial Day in 1868. It was seen as a major step towards binding the nation’s wounds over the conflict as both Union and Confederate fallen were honored with flowers on their graves.

Acknowledging Memorial Day at Sergeant Shredder

One of the ways we make a difference at Sergeant Shredder is our commitment to hiring those who serve our country — ex-military, ex-law enforcement and former firefighters. We’re also committed to keeping veterans’ identities safe but shredding their confidential papers.

Celebrations in Southern California

Today, millions commemorate the day at ceremonies in cemeteries throughout the country. We acknowledge Memorial Day at Sergeant Shredder by making sure our people have the opportunity to participate in any of the number of such activities in our Southern California communities.

We’re proud of the many ways our military men and women are honored each year in our area, from parades to special celebrations. Even the Queen Mary (“Grey Ghost”) honors those she formally carried to the battlefront with free admission to active or retired military personnel on Memorial Day.

How will you honor our veterans this Memorial Day?