Microfiche Shredding

Microfiche & Shredding PhotoDestroying Your Blast from the Past

No one uses microfiche anymore, right? That’s probably not 100 percent true, as there are likely researchers and writers occasionally delving into the grainy pixels for sources. The fact that a number of movie review sites find it ridiculous that characters in 2014’s “Winter’s Tale” use microfiche as part of a plot point says something about the media, though. As archives, libraries, and data-warehouses convert to more convenient media, leftover microfiche is taking up space and creating clutter. Microfiche shredding is the best solution for clearing clutter and maintaining data security, but there are some things to consider before tossing film in the shred box.

Not All Microfiche is Created Equal

Check your microfiche before tossing it to determine what type it is.

  • Silver microfiche will have a silver color. You can usually recycle the product, which is made of silver halide. You should never just toss it in the garbage as it can be hazardous.
  • Vesicular film features a blue background and white image and is not recyclable.

Steps for Microfiche Shredding

Vesicular film can usually be shredded using normal procedures. Call us and we can help you determine the best way to handle your non-paper shredding materials like microfiche, hard drives, CDs, etc.. Vesicular film that contains confidential or sensitive financial, business, or health data that must be destroyed properly. If you’re in a medical, dental or financial services office, you’ll most likely need a certificate of destruction to show legal compliance with HIPAA, FACTA, etc.

Silver microfiche requires specific recovery and destruction methods. Do not mix the microfiche products in with your regular shredding due to the potential for hazards. If you’ve never had specialty items or silver microfiche destroyed before, call us and we’ll help you create a plan of action.

 Do you need microfiche shredding services? Give us a call and we can help.