Mobile Security Tips for SMB

Mobile Security Tips and Phone SecurityMobility & Versatility

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) often rely on versatility to compete in the market. Yet mobility can leave organizations open to security risks. Add in the fact that many SMBs don’t have the technical, legal, and compliance resources that larger corporations can leverage. That provides a breeding ground for data breaches and cyber crimes. We know this firsthand as a professional shredder; we work with SMB owners, managers, and employees to protect data (on paper and electronically) that keeps consumer info out of the hands of thieves.

Top Mobile Security Tips for SMB Organizations

  • Create strong policies about using mobile devices to access or manage work functions, data, and servers. Policies should separate company and personal use, cover password protocols, and ensure employees know what to do in the event a device is breached, lost, or stolen.
  • Evaluate, audit, and monitor use of mobile devices. Mobile security tips for SMB illustrate the fact that data security is never a “one and done” endeavor. Keep devices updated, retrain staff periodically, and monitor how information is accessed and transferred.
  • Consider bring-your-own device (BYOD) policies carefully before mingling personal phones, tablets, and computers in the workplace. Make sure BYOD procedures are clear and comprehensive to reduce risks.

Going the Extra Mile for Data Security

Depending on the nature of data available through mobile devices, businesses may want to consider adding extra layers of protection, like:

  • At minimum, employees should be trained to set lock screens with strong passwords.
  • For additional protection, have technical staff install anti-virus apps and data encryption on devices.
  • Devices should also be checked in periodically for scans, updates, and audits. When dealing with especially sensitive data, businesses may want to consider password-free authentication.

Taking time to plan for robust mobile security can save your company, employees, and customers time and money in the future. Also, don’t forget the security threats that lurk in sensitive paper and hard drives (computers and copiers). When they reached their end of life, professional shredding saves time and therefore money.

What mobile security tips for SMBs would you add to our list?