Mobile Shredding Benefits

mobile shredding eventFree up Space

Is your storage room or file cabinets full of outdated documents that are no longer are required for quick access? Does your organization process so many documents with confidential and sensitive information that you need to shred them on a regular basis?

Instead of delegating your document destruction tasks to an employee who may not be adequately trained on the proper protocols related to handling confidential data, consider trusting this important work to professionally trained experts. This is why so many organizations seeking to be more efficient take advantage of mobile shredding services.

No Travel Required

Mobile shredding means you no longer need to pack up documents and send them to a shredding facility. For example, at Sergeant Shredder we bring our state-of-the-art and earth-friendly shredding truck to your location and destroy your documents on the spot.

You can rest assured that shredding technicians will not interfere with your staff’s activities. They are trained to be discreet and minimize disruptions with employees as they go about their work of gathering and removing sensitive documents.

Once the documents are destroyed, they are promptly recycled. This means you are doing your part to keep recyclable materials out of Southern California garbage dumps and reduce the amount of trees that will need to be cut down to make new paper.

Other Benefits of Mobile Shredding

  • No need to tie up your staff with shredding duties when they can focus on more pressing (or revenue-generating) tasks
  • Stay compliant with HIPAA, FACTA and other laws regarding document destruction
  • Free up valuable storage space to use as an office or break room
  • Receive proof of proper disposal with an official Certificate of Destruction
  • Go green by doing your part to save trees because all shredded materials are recycled

Mobile shredding make good business sense. It’s saves time and money. Plus, for those who must comply with industry regulations, it limits your liability exposure. You can’t put a price tag on peace of mind when financial liability is concerned

How would you take advantage of mobile shredding services from the Sergeant Shredder team?