Most Notable 2013 Data Breaches

Bridge After Earthquake like 2013 Data BreachesThe rate at which data breaches are occurring online is frightening. Just this year, the Federal Reserve experienced one of the largest breaches to their security ever when over 4,000 banking executives had their information compromised. Here’s a recap of the most notable 2013 data breaches and incidents of hacking that jeopardized the security of its customers.

TOP 5 2013 Data Breaches

  1. Living Social website reported unauthorized access to their databases which compromised their system and affected over 50 million users.

  2. Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts reported a hacking incident in which the sensitive data of individuals who were currently in the court system, was compromised and possibly sent to unauthorized individuals. This compromised the validity of the cases involved. Names, social security numbers, and drivers’ licenses were also accessed in this hacking incident.

  3. Evernote, a well-known note-taking software application, had to reset the passwords of some 50 million users following evidence of a network infiltration. No payment or content data was stolen but it stole the user names, email addresses, and passwords of multiple users.

  4. experienced a security breach that compromised the information of over 1 million customers in their database. Usernames, emails, country of origin information, and passwords were all exposed.

  5. Federal Bank Reserve site reported a breach of one of its main internal websites, which accessed the personal data of 4,000 banking executives. The information included addresses, emails, phone numbers, business emails, and fax numbers. Then hackers published the information for the public to find.

Protection From Data Breaches

These 2013 data breaches are just some high profile examples. Unfortunately these types of events are increasing, illustrating the alarming rate hackers are working non-stop to attempt to undermine the very basis of our modern day communications and online banking systems.

So what can we do to protect ourselves and our customers from this sort of event?

First, have a security system in place that works and that you know you can count on. Be vigilant in all things, and keep a watchful eye on all financial records, as well as personal data of customers. Second, have a system in place to alert customers in the event of a hacking attempt. This would be included in your company disaster plan. Finally, have an ample plan of action for destruction of records, including sensitive paper documents, hard drives, data on removable media, and other storage devices.

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