Office Recycling During the Holidays

Office Recycling isn't a Data DumpDespite the digitization of records and processes, a standard business office still produces a lot of paper waste — especially during the holidays. If you’re looking to reduce your office’s impact on the environment, a good place to start is with an office recycling program during the holidays. In addition to standard, year-round recycling, here are some creative ways to minimize waste without reducing good cheer.

Encourage Employees to Get Involved

If you have a door or office decorating contest, add a prize for the “Most Green” decor. Encourage employees to use recycled or recyclable materials. Turn the office secret-Santa event into greener giving by requiring that everyone wrap gifts in sustainable items. Gifts could be wrapped in useable items like scarves or handkerchiefs, wrapped in recycled wrapping paper, or packaged in non-sensitive used office paper. Hopefully documents with Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and personal data are in locked Sergeant Shredders bins. Want other ideas to reduce waste during the holidays? Check out Rethink Recycling for some no-waste gift ideas.

Take the Time for Specialty Office Recycling

Non-metallic gift wrap, bags, and boxes can be placed in traditional office recycling bins, but some of the office holiday decor may require special handling. Instead of tossing the Christmas tree out for the garbage truck, contact your local recycling center to find out about tree recycling services. If you don’t have plastic recycling bins in your office, consider adding them. Otherwise, encourage employees to collect plastic packaging from gifts and office decorations in boxes, and then bring them to the local recycling center during the New Year.

Make it a Post-Christmas Office Project

The few days between Christmas and New Years are generally low on production. You probably have limited staff, and those coming into the office each day are either recovering from or are still caught up in the holiday excitement. Inspire your team with a quick project to clean up Christmas items and gather recyclables for delivery.

Do you have an example of office recycling fun?