Orange County Medical Document Shredding

Outside the medical officeFour Things Not to Do

Medical practices in Southern California may be interested in Orange County medical document shredding, especially those offices switching over to electronic health records. To avoid problems with HIPAA compliance or other regulations, there are some things medical offices should never do when destroying or getting rid of health records.

Don’t Use Open Bins for Orange County Medical Document Shredding

Never place your medical records in a bin or dumpster accessible by the public. In fact, don’t let records languish in open access bins in your office. Not everyone in the office needs to see them. And, the more people with access, the higher the risk of a data breach. Instead, keep records in a locked area or in secure bins while awaiting shredding.

Don’t Use with Non-Compliant Vendors

Make sure your shredding vendor understands and follows through with HIPAA guidelines. Once documents are out of your office, you need to know they are being protected with the same integrity. That’s why Sergeant Shredder only shreds sensitive materials on our clients’ premises; they maintain control at all times. Our shredding video camera provides proof that all materials were completely destroyed.

Don’t Shred Pages Manually

Orange County medical document shredding services are available to protect your data and reputation by shredding documents completely. Train staff not to tear up a document that contains any PHI at their desk and throw it in the garbage. Hand shredding rarely destroys the document fully, but many staff members may tear a page that contained handwritten notes rather than tossing it in a shred bin.

Instead, we recommend:

  • Have a designated shredding bin that employees can easily access. This will avoid the temptation of hand shredding.
  • Schedule a regular shredding service. It will save staff time and money while reducing risk to your medical practice.

Don’t Shred Before You Can

Make sure you understand document retention guides. Even if documents have been converted into electronic records, you may be required to keep hard copies of certain pages for up to 10 years. Ensure documents are past the recommended retention guidelines before tossing files in a shred bin.

How do you handle your Orange County medical document shredding needs?