Our San Diego Shredding Firm Notes the Shredding of Infamous Materials

It isn’t often that we hear about famous – or rather, infamous – materials going to the shredder. But sometimes, those things happen. One such incident occurred last week, when a judge ordered a North Carolina court to shred the sex tape of John Edwards, the former Senator from North Carolina and 2008 presidential candidate, and his mistress, Rielle Hunter.

Superior Court Judge Carl Fox signed a settlement agreement between former Edwards campaign aide Andrew Young, his wife and Hunter, who had sued the couple for invasion of privacy on the grounds that they had the tape in their possession. As per the settlement agreement, the Youngs agreed to give up their claim of ownership to the tape and other property, all of which has been locked in the vault of a North Carolina courthouse for the last two years.

According to court official Tammy Keshler, the judge ordered the tape to be destroyed within 30 days. Even Hunter, its original owner, will not retain possession. Once it’s shredded, it’s destroyed – permanently. Other, less salacious items involved it the lawsuit will be returned to Hunter.

Another timely news item, a controversial open casket photo on the current National Enquirer cover, has revived interest in the location of the original National Enquirer photo of Elvis Presley lying in his open casket. As it turns out, that photo was shredded in 2008, during a six-year anthrax decontamination effort on the tabloid’s former Boca Raton, Florida headquarters. Again, shredding is a viable means of destroying items for nearly any purpose; biohazard decontamination is certainly no exception.

If document destruction is trusted by those charged with guarding high profile items, shouldn’t it be trusted by your business, too? To shred documents, x-rays, tapes, disks, hard drives or other high liability items, contact the San Diego shredding experts at Sergeant Shredder today.

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