Protect Tech Devices

Protect Tech Devices with mobile apps & games5 Tips for Security

Whether you’re an individual with an iPhone or a business that provides Androids to employees, it’s time to get into some security habits. Smart business means policies that protect tech devices. We’re in the business of protecting data — shredding paper and electronics. Here are five quick tips for protecting your devices and mobile data.

Use a Cover

Purchase a quality cover that fits your device well. Covers keep dust and other items away from crevices, ports, and screens, which prolong the life of devices. They also help protect devices from shock, bumps, and scratches when carried in a purse, pocket, or laptop bag or in the event the device is dropped.

Activate Password or Lock-Code Screens

Every mobile device has a password or lock function. You’ll often find this functionality in the settings screen. Protect tech devices by locking it with a passcode. It only takes a second to enter a four-digit code each time you want to use the device; it will keep people from accessing your phone or tablet when you aren’t looking. Treat the code like any password: make it unique, don’t share it, and change it every 90 days.

Keep an Eye on your Device

Reduce the chance that your device is hacked or stolen by keeping an eye on it. Don’t leave phones or tablets laying in public places where they can be easily stolen (e.g., on a cafe table while enjoying a meal). Avoid carrying the phone around in your hand when not in use — instead, keep it secure in a pocket, purse or backpack.

Pay Attention to Downloads

There are many mobile apps that are helpful for personal and business functions. Here are few things to keep in mind before downloading applications:

  • Only select functionality you really need.
  • Research the developer. Look for app companies that are well-known.
  • Read reviews to ensure no one has had a security issue with the app.

Protect Tech Devices with Apps

As with a computer, you can download mobile antivirus protection app. Select from apps that block phishing schemes when you browse or scan your iPhone or Android for problems. Protecting yourself and your information is as important as the convenience of mobile devices. Take action today to secure phones, tablets, and data.

Tablets and smartphones can pose a real threat to a business data and personal identity. How do you protect your tech devices?