Why Recycle Paper in LA?

Recycle Paper To Go Green

Recyling in LASince 2009, paper recycling percentages have topped 60 percent every year. Throughout the world, individuals, businesses, and organizations are getting behind the movement to recycle paper. For Sergeant Shredder sustainability isn’t just a buzzword, it’s how we do business. For LA residents and businesses, getting paper into the right box or bin is important.

Benefits of Paper Recycling

You’ve probably heard about saving the trees since you were in grade school, but there are many other reasons to recycle paper. The process to make new paper from old paper is between 30 and 50 percent more efficient than the process to make new paper from raw materials. That means recycled paper cuts down on energy use. It also cuts down on air pollution, by some reports as much as 95 percent.

Forty percent of waste taking up room in landfills is paper. Cutting down on what is classified as garbage has a huge impact on the growing waste-storage problem sweeping the globe. Closer to home, recycling keeps LA landfills from exponential growth.

Paper You Can Recycle

Schools, businesses, and homes can get in on paper recycling. You can recycle white and colored paper of almost any type, booklets and manuals, envelopes, greeting cards, post-it notes, manila folders, telephone books, magazines, newspapers, and some cardboard boxes. In most cases, you can’t recycle candy wrappers, tissues, carbon paper, pizza boxes that don’t have a recycle symbol, or brown and kraft envelopes.

How to Recycle Paper in LA

Employers can obtain recycling bins to place around the office. Homeowners may be able to use similar bins for curbside recycling service or can bring paper to local recycling centers. Businesses and individuals can also contract with a shredding service that recycle destroyed pages. Pre-recycling shredding is a must when documents contain confidential or sensitive information.

How will you go green? Will you recycle paper at home and work?