Secure Onsite Shredding Peace of Mind

Psychology of Secure Onsite Shredding Avoids I Love ClutterThe Psychology of Clutter Work Together

A study from the University of Minnesota indicates that the state of a person’s desk may impact work outcomes. A clean desk correlated to positive decision making, such as healthy eating. According to researchers, a clean environment led individuals to do good things in the future. Clutter wasn’t without value, though — a messy desk helped stimulate creative thinking in many participants.

Whether or not clutter is good for your thought process, it can cause problems in the office. Papers strewn across desks can lead to lost messages or work. Piles of sensitive data puts your organization and customers at risk. Some employees may hang on to unnecessary items due to emotional ties or inability to throw anything away. Offering secure onsite shredding is one way to protect data, encourage efficiency, and address clutter.

4 Ways Secure Onsite Shredding Work to Eliminate Chaos

  • Secure shred bins offer an easy way to clean up unnecessary paperwork, which lets those who like a clean desk keep it so without inhibiting other work.

  • Training employees about the danger of keeping sensitive information when the document or paper is no longer required for a work function helps employees with clutter issues break the cycle. Providing onsite shredding options lets those employees get rid of paper easily without the option to retrieve items.

  • When locked shred bins are available, employees who work better with a messy desk can keep spaces cluttered with paper during the workday and easily dispose of items before leaving each evening. It takes a few seconds to clear off the desk and toss pages, and data is secured through off hours.

  • When employees are encouraged to dispose of unnecessary documents at the end of each day, or periodically throughout the day, they are able to start fresh with each day or activity. A fresh start is a good way to boost morale or productivity.

Do you use secure onsite shredding at work? Is your desk pristine or messy? How does that affect your productivity?