Shredding Contracts

Shredding ContractsDrafts, Old Copies & Closed Deals

We’re proud of the fact that many of our Sergeant Shredder team members are veterans of military and other government service. This provides them with an acute awareness of the role of discretion, confidentiality, and security. It also means they are familiar with a large number of acronyms and abbreviations.

Understanding California laws and the need for information security is critical to today’s business world, especially as increasing concerns over privacy create a growing number of state and federal regulations, including:

Each of these major pieces of legislation addresses various aspects of security needs, from financial information to personal health records to sensitive corporate data.

These laws, as well as common-sense concerns for security, make it important for every company to have clear and practical policies in place for dealing with everything from shredding contracts to purging and destroying outdated financial statements.

Shredding Contracts: An Overlooked Priority

When new contracts are negotiated and signed, it is often a cause of celebration. These documents may mean new business and new opportunities. As a matter of course most of these contracts contain a number of items of confidential and sensitive information. It is easy to forget about the many drafts involved in getting to final documents. Also, some contracts run for years and are almost forgotten, sitting in filing cabinets.

Whether disposing of drafts or old documents, shredding contracts is only one aspect of the need to deal with proper document disposal. With increasing regulatory and business consequences for any type of data breach, it is worth updating your checklist for destroying old documents in a reliable manner. This includes:

  • Performance appraisals
  • Medical records
  • Credit reports
  • Supplier records
  • Product plans, prototypes and tests
  • Pay records and statements
  • Customer lists
  • Internal correspondence and reports

As you can see, today’s environment calls for a detailed, comprehensive review of your document destruction policies and procedures. Give us a call at Sergeant Shredder and our trained team members can help you breakdown what those regulatory acronyms mean and assist you in ensuring full compliance.

What’s your policy for shredding contracts?