Shredding for Employee Productivity

Shredding & Employee Productivity and Employee flow chart3 Reasons to Use a Pro

Productivity is usually about delivering a product or a service. So most companies don’t think much about shredding for employee productivity. Here are three big reasons you should consider professionally shredding the piles of paper in your office.

Reduced Clutter Equals Higher Efficiency

Shredding unnecessary records and documents reduces clutter in your business. Surprisingly, paper clutter is a top problem for many companies; the number one problem for most, reports  the National Association of Professional Organizers. According to studies, the average person spends over four hours every week looking through papers. Not only is that inefficient, but it breeds stress. Imagine what your company could do if it redeemed even half of those four hours for every employee. That’s a lot of manpower spent paper pushing that could be spent on higher-value activities.

Shredding for Employee Productivity: A Vendor is Key

Cleaning up around the office — and getting rid of paper clutter — may sound like a great idea. Yet if have employees shred their own items, you really haven’t gained much in time efficiency. A professional shredding vendor — like Sergeant Shredder — can take paper clutter off your hands. Destroying documents in a secure and professional fashion so you worry less about data breaches. Many of our business clients rely on our mobile shredding services. Because our shredding trucks are lightning fast — shredding 8,000 pounds of paper per hour — it literally takes seconds to shred your documents versus hours on in-office shredder. Since we recycle everything we shred, that’s one less step you have to take.

Shredding Old Documents Reduces Error

Once old and unnecessary documents are removed from the equation, it can add to efficiency. When outdated copies or drafts of documents are removed, chances are employees will make less errors. Workers won’t be able to consult an out-of-date manual or policy if you’ve had it shredded. Analysts won’t unknowingly rely on the wrong information when old reports are destroyed once they’re no longer needed.

Shredding for employee productivity just makes sense. Do you have an All Shred policy at work?