Shredding for Law Firms

Shredding for Law Firms and Justice GavelTips for Doing it Right

While effective shredding protocols are important for every business, it is an especially important concern for legal firms. Not only must attorneys maintain a secure chain of custody for all documents and contracts, they are often called upon to advise clients on such procedures.

Ongoing Legislation & Litigation

There exists a potpourri of acronyms for laws dealing with privacy and document protection, from HIPAA to FACTA to FERPA, as well as other federal and state legislation and regulations. Additionally, these laws are added to and updated regularly.

This environment makes it essential for law firms to stay on top of these issues, as well as maintaining clear document retention and disposal policies. The details pertaining to documents and records touch on a number of contingent liabilities, including:

  • Reportable breaches of confidential and sensitive records
  • Losses of personal, client, and/or vendor information and financial data
  • Obstruction of justice
  • Trades secrets and intellectual property protection

This spectrum of concerns makes it essential to have appropriate retention policies in place and followed to protect both law firms and their clients. According to a detailed review by Fordham University, a lack of such policies played a significant role in the fact that Arthur Anderson LLP was found guilty of criminal violations following the Enron debacle.

As with police evidence, law firms are also held accountable for maintaining a clear and strong chain-of-custody for all documents, up to and including the shredding and destruction process. These are just a few examples of why shredding at law firms is so critical.

Shredding for So Cal Law Firms

Sergeant Shredder takes pride in providing compliant and efficient shredding for law firms in Southern California. We provide a range of programs, from onsite shredding capabilities to special projects where a major shredding effort is needed. We also work hard to stay on top of the many nuances of the different privacy rules and regulations. This includes even in the areas of ensuring you have the appropriate and compliant storage bins and containers.

Because our shredding technicians come from ex-law enforcement, ex-military or ex-public service, we maintain high standards when it comes to shredding confidential materials.  Our law firm clients rely upon us to make it convenient to comply with all necessary regulations. We can safely say that shredding for law firms is a specialty for Sergeant Sergeant.

Does your law firm regularly shred? How do you keep materials safe for your legal clients?