Shredding Guideline Tips

What’s Shreddable & What’s Not

Shredding Guideline Tips Not Just Blue PaperAs a means of taming the mounds of paperwork that surely assails you in your home or business, shredding services are available. However, understanding what you should shred — and shouldn’t shred– is often confusing. Here is a simple to use shredding guideline and tips recommended by the experts to keep your information safe:

Do shred:

  • Any paperwork that contains your signature.
  • Expired credit cards as these could be reactivated and used without your knowledge.
  • Monthly bills, which often have important personal information on them.
  • Employer pay stubs and 401 K or investment statements.
  • Any credit card offers as they can be filled out erroneously in your name.
  • Tax forms or documents that are more than seven years old.
  • Anything at all that has your social security number on it.
  • Any documents that list passwords or PINs to important accounts.
  • Any personal information you wouldn’t want a stranger to know.

 Don’t Shred:

  • Glassine type windowed envelopes.
  • Junk mail that is just addressed to occupant or resident.
  • Mail that contains only your address.

Just To Be Safe Shredding Guideline

A good rule of thumb is to shred anything with your name or address on it. Identify thieves can be sneaky, finding ways to exploit even the simplest piece of information. Shredding easily eliminates that risk.

  • Documents from businesses you have been involved with recently such as travel companies. These types of documents in the wrong hands can cause issues. Sometimes, this is a result of an identity thief calling and pretending to be with a company with which you have done business with in the recent past. They will then try to trick you into disclosing personal information by acting like a spokesperson for the company.
  • Change of terms documents from financial institutions that do not contain overly personal information.

Now that you know what should be shredded, your next job is get these sensitive documents destroyed properly. Calling a mobile shredding company — like Sergeant Shredder — to perform the task of shredding your documents is a wise idea. Companies like ours are responsible for the safe disposal of sensitive documents in an environmentally-friendly manner. In addition, these services come to your home or workplace for added convenience.