Shredding Old Employee Uniforms

Retro Corporate Logo for Shredding Old Employee UniformsOld Uniforms Can Open Doors for Criminal Activity

Shredding old employee uniforms is an important precaution. It’s a security measure both your business as well as the general public.

Keep Your Company Secure

Keep warehouses, workplaces and factories safe with careful monitoring of uniform allocations. If an employee leaves the company, uniforms should be turned in and accounted for. This practice can prevent disgruntled employees from regaining access for destructive purposes such as harming equipment, providing a competitors with inside information, or stealing confidential information for fraudulent use. The security of old uniforms is so important, sites like eBay prohibit the sale of uniforms by third-party vendors, including uniforms from shipping companies such as UPS.

Protect the Public

Honest employees may donate old uniforms without realizing impostors can purchase them, pose as employees, and scam or gain access to people and property. This is a particular threat for government agencies, utility companies or businesses that handle sensitive information. Doors open for people wearing a company uniform. When it’s for a nefarious reason, your company can be associated with the crime because of the means by which the suspect gained entry.

Requiring employees to exchange old uniforms for new ones allows you to control clothing destruction, reducing the chances potential customers or victims suffer a loss at the hands of a criminal.

Shredding Old Employee Uniforms Protects Your Image

Your company’s image is its lifeline. Branded clothing in the wrong hands has the potential to wreak havoc on the longevity of a positive reputation, even if inappropriate action when wearing the clothing is unintentional. Keeping new uniforms secure, monitoring an accurate inventory, and arranging for the destruction of out-of-use uniforms and accessories goes a long way towards safeguarding your brand in the marketplace. Most commercial shredders don’t want clothing or other items mixed in with paper shredding, Sergeant Shredder can help you with destroying old uniforms.

Is shredding old employee uniforms part of your standard operating procedure?