Social Network Security

SMM Jigsaw Banner & Social Network SecurityWhat Your Business Should Know

Between the NSA monitoring who-knows-what and generation Y applicants bringing social-media connections to the workplace, businesses face data-security risks from all sides. Careless social media use can increase the chance of identity theft, network hacks, and physical theft. Putting some rules and training in place can reduce the chance of a social network security breach in your office.

Make Employees Aware of Safety Needs

According to the Cisco Connected World Technology Report, 91 percent of generation Y participants feel that the age of privacy has ended. Because younger workers don’t have the same understanding of personal privacy than “more seasoned’ workers do, they may not immediately understand the need for confidentiality when handling sensitive data. Create training programs to educate workers of all levels about the need for data security and include discussions about how social media activity creates risks.

  • Caution employees from sharing too much professional information online.
  • Explain that sharing information about your facility or processes decreases the effectiveness of security.
  • Discuss the legal and financial ramifications of security breaches, especially when data includes personal health or identifying information.

Publish Tips for Safe Internet Navigation

It’s almost impossible to keep employees off of social media sites while at work. People may check in during their break, and some functions require workers to access social media for marketing or customer relations tasks. Reduce security issues by publishing tips for safe social media navigation, including:

  • Don’t share information that could give hackers clues to your passwords or security questions.
  • Avoid unknown links, especially shortened links from sites like These links are often crafted to lure people to visit harmful sites that download malware onto computers.
  • Hover over links before clicking to see the entire URL. Don’t click links from unrecognized domains.
  • Caution employees about clicking on advertisements in their social media feeds. According to Cisco, online advertisements are 182 more likely to deliver malicious content like spyware to computers than pornography sites are.

Education and awareness is the best way to ensure social network security for your business. Policies that limit access to social networking sites on company computers can also reduce the risks of data breaches and hacks. Of course, professional shredding of sensitive information (e.g., hard copies of clients data and transaction) is a must for all businesses.

How do you manage social network security for your business?