Sustainability: Helping you make a difference

Sergeant Shredder is a turnkey shredding & recycling solution for any size business. Sustainability is the key ingredient to our process and protecting the environment.

When you choose Sergeant Shredder, you join us in helping save the environment. Once we complete the secure on-site shredding process, we work with local certified recycling centers to securely recycle your shredded paper. Sergeant Shredder recycles millions of pounds of paper each year.

We do our due diligence to ensure that our operations are environmentally-friendly and minimize waste. We choose suppliers and contract with recycling centers that promote their own green business practices and share our commitment to environmental responsibility.

Our Sustainability Commitment:

Green Consoles – Our security consoles are compliant with all LEED accreditation and CARB legislation, no harmful off-gases reduces health risks to end-users. Each console is made with 100% recycled material and has no-added formaldehyde. Additionally, our rolling bins are 100% recyclable.

Fuel Friendly Shredding Trucks – Our state-of-the-art shredding trucks consume less fuel per pound of paper shredded than any other system on the market. Additionally, our trucks use DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) with SCR Technology to reduce emissions and meet the EPA 2010 tailpipe standards. SCR is a technology that uses a urea based diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) and a catalytic converter to significantly reduce oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emissions. SCR is the leading technology being used to meet 2010 emission regulations. DEF meets ISO specification and is also API certified. API certification is a program established by American Petroleum Institute (API) which certifies and monitors diesel exhaust fluid meets ISO specifications.

At Sergeant Shredder, we are committed to making the environmentally responsible choices for our customers. Although maintaining sustainability in today’s environment comes with a price tag, the value of environmental responsibility does not. Sergeant Shredder is eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

Choose us and we can turn your organization’s carbon footprint into part of the solution for a better environment for all of us.