Sustainable Procurement: A Worthy Goal

Sustainable Procurement and MessageA Conscious Decision

As more individuals and companies become aware of the need for environmental sensitivity, one reality becomes readily obvious. The simple fact is that addressing environmental issues requires a conscious, proactive attitude. Simply wanting to be green or agreeing with the concepts of sustainability are simply not enough.

Fortunately, however, once those decisions are made, an ongoing commitment is easy to follow. For example, sustainable procurement is a process that has both short- and long-term benefits to any company. In fact, the policies of the federal government demonstrate the ripple effect of sustainable procurement policies. A recent article at discusses how these benefits can influence the entire value chain of an enterprise and its industry.

A value chain mapping process is used by corporate management to identify how an enterprise’s products and services are developed and delivered. The ultimate goal of the effort is to identify and act upon areas of potential improvement. Incorporating an environmental element to the process yields real insights into new, effective green steps and policies.

Sustainable Procurement: Education and Action

The website, Business for a Better World, discusses how The Center for Sustainable Procurement has adopted a three-year initiative in this area. The goal of the effort is to encourage business of all sizes to incorporate environmental factors into all their sourcing and purchasing decisions and relationships.

This initiative is focused on both conducting awareness training and providing actionable concepts. For example, the CSP conducts collaborative and one-on-one consulting to help any enterprise:

  • Review current purchasing processes
  • Develop specific solutions and plans for integrating sustainability (which includes using sustainable vendors)
  • Share lessons learned within the business community

Shredding Support Sustainability

We’re committed to sustainability at Sergeant Shredder. Going green is more than a buzz phrase for us. Here’s our commitment to our Southern California environment:

  • Our secure document bins are compliant with LEED accreditation and CARB legislation.
  • Our trucks are fuel friendly. They consume less fuel per pound of paper shredded than another shredding system on the market.
  • Our shredding process includes recycling; 100% of all materials that we shred for our clients don’t end up in our crowded Southern California landfills.

Sustainable procurement is both a worthy and achievable corporate priority for small and large companies. Does your business have a policy in place?