Three Green Energy Tech Gadgets

Cellphone tech gadgetsThat Help You Save the Planet Everyday

From recycling to paying more attention to supply purchase and use, businesses and individuals can do a lot each day to reduce their impact on the environment. In recent years, technology has caught up to environmentalism in big — and small — ways. Replacing one or two items you use often with green energy tech gadgets is an easy way to make a regular and positive impact on the planet.

Solar-Powered Battery Chargers

Southern California is known for its sunshine and bright days. Now you can put that sunlight to work for you with green energy tech gadgets. Solar chargers are available for a variety of devices, including cell phones and tablets. The chargers come in a variety of sizes depending on your portability and power needs; there are some as small as a credit card. Place the chargers in a dry outdoor location while you enjoy lunch on the grass, or use an indoor window location to charge your devices.

Non-Plastic Device Cases

Choose device cases that are biodegradable and made without plastics. Chances are, you’re going to toss the case eventually when you upgrade your smartphone or want to make a style-change. A biodegradable case ensures your style change doesn’t cause a permanent addition to a landfill. One designer crafts cases using such materials on an old-fashioned foot-powered sewing machine, so even the manufacturing process for things such as the Greensleeve iPad cases is environmentally friendly.

Green Energy Tech Gadgets Made of Food

Stanford University researchers have created a battery made partially of pomegranate. Turns out the super food is also has super storage capacities for power. Researchers say the batteries hold up to 10 times more charge than traditional lithium-ion batteries. The discovery could lead to powerful, lightweight batteries that extend the hours portable devices can be used before a charge is required.

What green energy tech gadgets will you add to your home or business?