Throwing a paper shredding party? Try these Ideas

Here’s a fun idea to make use of a public paper shredding event; why not make it a paper shredding party? This is becoming a trend for community shredding events and school fundraiser shredding events, but it could even be a great addition to a block party. It’s also perfect for a business complex that wants to host a spring cleaning day for its occupants.

There are endless ideas for throwing a paper shredding party. Just call Sergeant Shredder to provide the mobile shredding in Riverside (or anywhere in Southern California). All you have to bring is the fun! Consider adding the following elements:

Ambiance: Music, decorations, you name it. Just be sure to find out where our shredding truck will park, and place your sound system and any other attractions at the opposite end of the parking lot. Inviting a local radio station to do a live remote broadcast? This is a great way to publicize your e-waste or paper shredding event. Just make sure they know where to set up.

Food: Why not? After all, people have to eat, and they expect it at a party. Set up a table inside, or have a BBQ going outside so that those who are donating materials for shredding can be fed – again, at a safe distance from the truck. For our Riverside paper shredding company, safety comes first.

Contests: Who can bring the biggest load of documents or e-waste? That person can receive a prize. Set up a scale to weigh all everyone’s materials, and have a board nearby to write down the top five. Incentivizing it in this way might even inspire people to run back and grab more materials for shredding! (Remember, paper and e-waste cannot be shredded together, so choose one or the other when planning your event).

If your business, organization or neighborhood is interested in throwing a paper shredding party or other events requiring mobile shredding in Riverside, contact Sergeant Shredder today. We will be glad to explain the details of paper shredding fundraisers to you.

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