Unusual Holiday Uses for Shredded Paper

Shredded Paper Packing Macros DecemberProvided you aren’t shredding paper with sensitive information like account numbers, social security or credit card numbers, there are uses for shredded paper including fun holiday decor, packaging, and gift ideas. Here’s a look at some of the things you can do at home or work to save money or get creative with shredded paper.

Pack Gifts for Shipping

Packing supplies like peanuts, boxes, and tape can be expensive. Cut down on the cost of holiday shipping by padding your gifts — like picture frames or other delicate items — with shredded paper. Add a festive touch to your package by shredding a few pieces of holiday-colored construction paper to add to the mix. These ideas can also be used for gift baskets.

Decorative Scenes

Have shredded piles? There are many decorating uses for shredded paper like white hills of snow for a fun display scene in your lobby or office. Spread the paper under a tree, snowman, or Santa Claus. Such a display is especially effective if it multitasks as both a fun holiday greeting and a reminder for employees or customers to use shredding processes in their New Year’s cleaning efforts.

Personalized Ornaments

Use clear glass or plastic ornaments to create a personalized gift for anyone in your life. First, use a copy machine to make a few copies of something meaningful to the recipient. You might copy a favorite piece of music, a wedding or baby shower invitation, or a passage from a favorite book. Shred the copies and lightly stuff the shredded paper into the ornaments. You can curl the shredded paper first for a more elegant presentation—don’t pack the paper in too tightly, as you want it obvious what pages are contained in the glass. Top it off with a pretty ribbon and use more shredded paper to package the ornament safely.

Creativity Without Risking Security

Get creative and have fun with shredded paper during the holiday. However, remember to keep privacy and security in mind. Even paper that has been shredded could pose a threat if it contains sensitive information. So never use shredding materials used from sensitive documents.