Using Sustainable Vendors

Sustainable Vendors Protecting the NASA Blue MarbleCreating a Responsible Supply Chain

Among the key trends identified by the Sustainable Business Forum is creating a responsible supply chain. “It’s no longer enough to frame sustainability programs by owned operations,” sustainability communications expert Lynette McIntire writes on the organization’s blog. “Transparency about sourcing, transporting, and processing is now rising as a critical business issue to protect the long-term reputation of companies increasingly reliant on outsourcing and international suppliers.”

Translation: Your standards are only as green as your suppliers’.

Hallmarks of Sustainable Vendors

At Sergeant Shredder, topping the sustainable vendors list is part of our company mission. Our goal is to help our clients meet – and improve – their business sustainability standards. This priority shows through in all areas of our business. Our fuel-friendly shredding trucks consume less fuel per pound of paper shredded than any other system on the market, with state-of-the-art fuel technology to reduce emissions and optimized routes to keep mileage low. We securely recycle more than 1 million pounds of paper each year, helping our clients meet their recycling goals. Even our consoles are green – compliant with LEED accreditation and CARB legislation – with no harmful off-gasses.

Shredding is Environmentally Friendly

Shredding documents and sustainability may not be an automatic connection in everyone’s mind. And, no doubt, there are dozens of other fields that also seem sustainability-neutral at first glance. Yet, green-oriented businesses should not overlook the importance of working with sustainable vendors. Every vendor relationship is an opportunity to raise –or lower – your green quotient.

Finding Sustainable Vendors

To take a more proactive role, consider asking these questions to determine if your existing or new suppliers are actually sustainable vendors: 

  • Is sustainability an explicit priority at your company?
  • What tangible steps do you take to maintain sustainability? (For ideas, check out Eco-Profiles.)
  • Are you looking to improve your green quotient?
  • What green certifications do you have? What other audits and regulations do you comply with?
  • Can you provide or suggest ways for our business to become more sustainable?
  • Can we offer help in making your practices greener?

Sergeant Shredder is committed to maintaining and improving green practices – at our business and at yours. We want to hear about your sustainability initiatives and welcome the opportunity to help you meet the highest standards of environmental responsibility.