Veteran Data Breach

United State of Art: Let's Avoid a Veteran Data BreachA Betrayal of Trust

Today we’re celebrating the 4th of July, remembering all those who currently serve in the armed forces and our vets. One of the realities of serving in the military is giving up a lot of your rights to privacy. Hearing about a veteran data breach isn’t uncommon in today’s world.

We’re proud that many of our team members at Sergeant Shredder have served our country in a number of capacities, from the military to law enforcement. However, just because they let the military have access to private and confidential information; they have no desire to have that information left unguarded.

An Ongoing Risk

A recent report on CNBC actually acknowledges that a “breach of financial, medical and personal information is ‘practically unavoidable’ and is likely to happen within 12 to 18 months.” This risk affects the records of more than 20 million military personnel, on active duty and inactive or retired.

The potential risk of a veteran data breach is a present danger. According to a 2013 report to Congress, “the VA is non-compliant with its own privacy and security policies and with Federal laws and regulations.” In other discussions, the VA Acting Assistant Secretary for Information and Technology Stephen Warren states that the primary cause of such breaches is improper handling of hard copy records and files.

While this is an unacceptable situation, our experience at Sergeant Shredder tells us this is not just a VA problem. In fact, a surprising number of companies are not even aware of the many – and increasingly numerous – laws that require them to protect the records of their employees, customers and vendors.

Veteran Data Breach Exposure?

We diligently track all the latest state and federal rules, regulations, and laws pertaining to proper document disposal and destruction. We also stay on top of the latest technologies for effective destruction of paper and electronic records and files. If you haven’t taken the time to review your current policies and procedures, one phone call can help you avoid potential serious consequences from a situation such as that of a veteran data breach.

There are plenty of criminals out there ready to exploit our military serviceman and vets. Let’s celebrate the 4th of July this year by protecting our veterans.