Vulnerability Assessment Tools

Data Path & Vulnerability Assessment ToolsNew Approaches to New Threats

Although billions are spent annually in attempts to protect computer networks, the reality is there is no 100 percent secure system. A recent article posted on the Open Source website focuses on this fact of IT life. The author points out there is no way to combine hardware and software systems with hundreds or thousands of users and avoid certain weaknesses and document management vulnerabilities.

Proactive Management of Threats

Being proactive is the best management tool. That’s why using various vulnerability assessment tools can help you maximize network security. Such tools are available in various forms, yet they all share the same goal: protect data to limit liability.

Here’s how some tools work. A company’s IT staff or a contracted third-party acts as a blackhat operator seeking to breach a network’s defenses, including its firewall and other components. These systems have proven effective in detecting many of the more common security issues for networks and corporate systems.  It’s important to note that due to rapid advances in the IT world, including Internet communications, growing use of BYOD (bring your own device) access, and cloud-based applications all add to complexity of providing adequate security procedures. That’s what makes assessment so tricky. Choosing the right vulnerability assessment tools for your business is a critical decision that has broad implications to operations.

Vulnerability Assessment Tools and the Cloud

Cloud computing can put a monkey wrench in how vulnerability assessment tools work. One essential aspect of this “access from anywhere” environment is the creation of virtual machines in cloud-oriented data centers. Traditional approaches to evaluate the security of physical hardware and networks may not work. These computers and systems run 24/7 and have definable characteristics.

Of course, one of the primary advantages of cloud data centers is scalability and virtual allocation of resources. With virtual machines, there is a constant fluctuation between which of these resources are in use and how networks are configured. This make the assessment process all the more difficult. As the threats to these systems increase, IT professionals are upgrading their approach to vulnerability assessment tools.

Don’t Forget Low Tech Access to Sensitive Info

Many of our team members at Sergeant Shredder come from government and military positions where attention to security is a way of life. We understand the growing threats to your business and work hard to simplify your life when it comes to disposal of printed and digital records. We take pride in being an important part of your security spectrum.

As you calculate your business’ data vulnerability, don’t forget about low-tech access to confidential information. Do you have secure bins in your office to store sensitive documents in between shredding visits? Specifically, office wastebaskets and dumpsters can pose a real threat. Choosing the right shredding vendor — one who follows proper protocols — is one way to secure your business.

Is your business shredding regularly to avoid breaches posed by unsecure paper documentation?