What are Electronic Recyclers?

Electronic Recyclers & Prototyping

Who Are They & What Do They Do?

Paper isn’t the only thing your business can recycle in an effort to become more environmentally friendly – electronic recyclers can process old office equipment including computers, accessories, and mobile devices.

Office equipment recycling has a big impact on the environment. Not only does it keep plastic and parts out of landfills, but it also lets manufacturers reclaim valuable and limited resources such as silver, copper, gold, and palladium.

Finding Electronic Recyclers

Many manufacturers and retailers offer recycling programs for computers, printers, copy machines, mobile devices, and cell phones. The EPA offers a search tool on their website to help you find electronic recyclers with programs for specific goods. Consider discussing recycling options proactively with equipment vendors or manufacturers when purchasing or leasing large equipment such as copy machines. Planning ahead for removal and replacement helps you make decisions about office equipment that are friendly to the environment.

Protecting Data when Recycling Electronics

You can recycle a number of electronic components, but certain items involve more care than others. Any component that acts as or includes a hard drive may contain confidential or sensitive information. A plan to remove or destroy such information prior to general recycling is important. For example, manufacturers may “recycle” printers and copiers through refurbishment programs. Modern printers and copiers have hard drives that store data about processed documents. Remove or wipe the hard drive prior to handing over the machine to avoid possible data breaches.

Shredding vendors like Sergeant Shredder offer services that are helpful when recycling electronics. We provide commercial shredding services, handling non-paper shredding including the destruction of hard drives, disks, and other storage devices. If you’re not sure whether your device stores data, talk to the manufacturer prior to making a decision about recycling.