What are NAID Standards?

 Information Literacy & NAID StandardsDoes Your Shredding Vendor Comply?

The National Association for Information Destruction publishes a code of ethics for its members. Understanding whether your shredding vendor is a member of the organization and follows NAID standards for business practices is important.

NAID ethical standards ensure that vendors are honest, follow national and legal requirements for document destruction, and provide services that are best for the client, especially if they must comply with various regulations like HIPAA, FACTA, FERPA, etc..

A Summary of NAID Standards

NAID standards require members to participate in honest, ethical business practices. Members are not allowed to mislead clients or falsely advertise. One specific example in the organization’s list of ethical codes is that members of the NAID will not represent or sell services for general paper recycling as a form of document destruction. Document destruction and recycling are two different things, although many vendors offer recycling after documents have been destroyed.

Other items in the NAID’s ethical code address fair pricing, fair dealing with employees and clients, and the fact that members are expected to be good citizens within their business and civic communities. The purpose of the NAID code of ethics is to encourage document destruction companies to work effectively with other businesses and positively impact communities.

Considering Shredding Vendors

When shopping for a shredding vendor, companies should consider numerous things beyond price. Some things to look for include:

As a NAID member, we at Sergeant Shredder are committed to confidential document destruction following the highest standards in the industry. How do you make sure your sensitive documents and information is handled with the greatest care?