What is a Commercial Shredder?

Cross-cut Commercial Shredder is BetterProtecting Sensitive Data

If you run or manage a business, you know how important it is to protect sensitive and private information. From employees, to customers, to vendors, most businesses receive a constant stream of sensitive information. It is not enough to simply safeguard that information while it is necessary for business; it is just as important to properly dispose of any such information when it is no longer needed.

Having a robust document destruction policy or all-shred policy has a number of benefits for your business, including promoting customer trust and reducing the risk of compliance or other legal issues. With an endless number of stories of insecure information in the news, it is imperative that you prevent your company from falling into the same trap. One of the best ways to protect your business is with the use of a commercial shredder.

What is a commercial shredder?

Today, many home offices have a simple shredder that can be used to dispose of documents that are not highly sensitive. While these simple and inexpensive devices are great for simple applications, they are woefully insufficient for shredding larger large quantities of highly sensitive information on a regular basis. A commercial shredder is able to handle a large number of documents per hour, and shred the documents in a way that makes them impossible to reproduce. Plus, there’s the convenience of having a mobile shredding truck come to your location. For Sergeant Shredder clients, we handle all the heavy lifting and provide certification of destruction for those businesses who need to prove privacy compliance.

Why you need a commercial shredder for your business

Unlike shredders for the home, commercial shredders utilize what is known as the ‘”Cross Cut Technique”. Most business owners would be shocked to learn that traditional “Strip Cut” shredded documents are actually fairly easy to reconstruct by a motivated individual. Cross Cut shredding shreds paper into small pieces that are nearly impossible to reproduce.

Do you use a commercial shredder for your business?