What is an NAID Member?

Naid Member InformationAnd Why Does Your Business Care?

A NAID member is an official member of the National Association for Information Destruction. NAID is a global organization that brings document destruction vendors together for education and support. They also provide a set of ethical codes that shredding companies like Sergeant Shredder agree to follow.

Why You Should Deal with an NAID Member

Choosing a shredding company that’s an NAID member ensures you’re working with someone who is reputable and ethical. As a member of NAID we follow a strict set of guidelines for document destruction, including:

  • Respect and maintain customer confidentiality
  • Represent services completely and accurately
  • Provide accurate pricing services
  • Abide by all pertinent local, state, and federal laws
  • Cooperate with other citizens in the community
  • Deliver honest interactions at all levels of service
  • NAID members also have access to industry education, workshops, and networking events. This means a shredding provider that’s part of the NAID will have access to the latest information about shredding technology, privacy concerns, and industry training. You benefit by working with a shredding company that’s educated with the latest information about safety, efficiency, shredding compliance.

Professional Shredding Services in Southern California

In Southern California, you have many options available for professional shredding services, including drop off shredding, one-time onsite document destruction, and in-office shred bins that are collected by the service on a schedule. An official NAID member brings professionalism and high-quality ethics to every part of your shredding service. No matter how your sensitive materials reaches a paper shredder, you can be assured of confidential processing and complete document destruction. In many cases, destruction is followed by paper recycling, reducing your office’s environmental footprint while protecting your data.