What is Password-Free Authentication?

Controlled AccessPassword-free authentication and password required

As reports of new and major data breaches are seemingly added each week, companies are increasingly looking to use proactive and innovative security solutions on all fronts. Forrester research indicates more than $200 billion is lost annually due to password breaches. Accordingly, an area attracting a lot of attention is password-free authentication. This is essentially allowing controlled access and authentication without the use of passwords. At Sergeant Shredder we’re committed helping businesses keep their information safe, including sharing the latest tips in information protection.

A Growing Weaknesses

Despite what is now decades of education and efforts at awareness, a growing number of users still fail to exercise proper password protocols. Using the proper structure for a password, changing them frequently, and safeguarding them are all steps that many find cumbersome and distracting. Additionally, thefts of passwords by different methods lessen their value. With some people using dozens of secure sites, it’s simply impractical to expect that most users will exercise proper password discipline.

In seeking other forms of security and practical solutions for authentication, new techniques and technologies are being developed and tested. From biometrics to two-factor approaches, a great deal of creativity is directed towards new industry standards. In fact, Search Security recently discussed the growing support for the organization Fast Identity Online Alliance, working to produce a next-generation approach to authentication.

Password-Free Authentication as a Goal

While there are numerous types of authentication that yield formidable security, the challenge is balancing the right level of protection with a practical, reliable and affordable methods. For example, advanced cryptography is used in select high-security applications. However, these technologies are not practical for everyday situations or smaller businesses. Currently, FIDO (Fast Identity Online) is exploring Google’s Universal Factor, or U2F protocol, as one possible near-term solution.

A recent article in Computer World notes that the latest Online Security Transaction Protocol will incorporate such techniques as USB security tokens, biometrics, embedded secure elements, and smart cards.

Partnering With the Sergeant

We share your concerns over such security issues at Sergeant Shredder. While we all hope for more secure online transactions with password-free authentication, we always remind our clients that security starts with the basics. That includes secure document shredding and electronic media disposal by professional shredding. As you review your total security picture, give us a call to discuss how we provide peace of mind with your document disposal needs.

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