JCAHO Compliance

New Healthcare Regs

JCAHO compliant stickerThe vast majority of HIPAA covered entities are both aware of and compliant with the majority of the regulations for handling patient records and information. While a great deal of time and effort is invested in this process, there is a surprising gap for many when it comes to specific rules related to disposal of these records and files and the containers used. JCAHO compliance is now becoming mandatory.

The Hazardous Room Exemption

Many healthcare facilities place shredding and disposal bins in high-traffic areas that are convenient to the staff. These locations may include hallways, spaces near copy machines, and other such locations. However, several entities, including the National Fire Protection Association and Joint Commission Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, specify that any such bins not located in a hazardous area, are limited to no more than a 32-gallon capacity.

Alternatively, bins located in an area designated as hazardous are exempt from this limitation. When speaking of hazardous areas in medical facilities, the requirements for the designation include having sprinklers and/or fire barriers, self-closing and latching doors, and other criteria.
Unaware of the specific capacity limitation, many organizations will find themselves out of JCAHO compliance requirements. In fact, even when the disposal and shredding functions are outsourced, the facility remains responsive for meeting these specifications for bins and containers.

JCAHO Compliance Made Easier

JCAHO Compliant 32-gallon bins from Sergeant ShredderWith our goal of partnering with our customers to meet their specific compliance and regulatory environments, we have taken the time at Sergeant Shredder to carefully evaluate and partner with what we feel is a premier player in the secure document bins market. We use All Source as our provider for bins that are fully compliant for our regularly scheduled shredding clients. They meet the test for all healthcare applications and HIPAA regulations; the bins also meet the test as PHI, FACTA & Gramm-Leach Bliley compliant.

While you face an ongoing stream of changes and expectations to meet HIPAA and JCAHO compliance issues, we can remove part of your concern and burden by ensuring your out-of-hazardous area bins are less than 32 gallons. Additionally, we take care of the entire process of document destruction, from bins to shredding to final compliant disposal procedures.