Shredding for FERPA

FERPA Compliance Overview

US Dept of EducationiIf your school is retaining personal information for students files such as academic, medical, and legal records you may already be familiar with FERPA. FERPA, which stands for Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act is also known as the Buckley Amendment. Parents and students must be notified annually of their rights under FERPA.

FERPA compliance applies to records maintained and used by public schools. This may apply to any organization receiving funds from the U.S. Department of Education including preschool, elementary, middle and high schools as well as colleges, tech schools, and more.

FERPA requires schools to have written permission to release any information from a student’s education record except for certain conditions like the transfer process to another school.

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act was established to protect the privacy of students. Specifically, FERPA provides guidelines on:

  • who has the right to inspect and review educational records
  • who can seek an amendment of educational records
  • control over what information is disclosed to others from educational records

Shredding for FERPA Compliance

Shredding student records to protect personally identifiable data is an ongoing process for those needing to meet FERPA compliance.

  • School records contain personally identifiable records and sensitive information that must be protected.
  • Aside from academic achievements and history of student behaviors, a student file will often include medical records and in some cases even court orders.
  • The HIPPA act exempts health information entered into a student’s record from its requirements, information contained in student education records is subject to FERPA.

While one would think these records should transfer with the student throughout their education, it is rarely the case. Today many records are transferred electronically or copied and mailed between institutions. When the records are no longer needed by the original educator, personal records must be destroyed in a safe manner.

So, just how long are schools and other educational institutions responsible for maintaining personnel records for their students? The specific retention guidelines for student records actually depends on the type of record.

Sergeant Shredder Shredding Options

Regardless of your school’s current plan to shred for FERPA compliance, Sergeant Shredder can help make the process easier for you.

Shredding for FERPA services include:

  • Trustworthy and dependable destruction of documents and data
  • Mobile Shredding where a state-of-art truck comes to you and shreds at your location
  • On-site one-time purge of documents and data
  • Regularly scheduled shredding appointments – weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and bi-monthly
  • Secure shredding containers and storage bins at no additional charge

Let us work with you to eliminate the worry and your work load. Our shredding personnel undergo a rigorous background check and we hire ex-military, ex-law enforcement and ex-firefighter staff. Contact us today to get a quote for shredding for FERPA compliance.

Photo Credit: DonkeyHotey