Shredding for HIPAA

HIPAASergeant Shredder is a HIPAA compliant shredding company and a member of NAID, the National Association of Information Destruction. We take patient privacy seriously and can help you determine the best means of destroying sensitive information quickly and affordably.

Shredding Services for HIPAA include:

  • Hiring only technicians who are ex-military, ex-law enforcement or ex-firefighters.
  • Travelling to your location, handling all the labor and shredding onsite
  • Providing secure document bins & consoles at no additional charge to place throughout your office; healthcare facilities that must comply with JCAHO we provide 32-gallon bins
  • Destroying X-Rays, pill bottles, microfiche — anything with confidential information
  • Providing Certificate of Destruction to ensure compliance documentation
  • Recycling your materials to reduce the abundance of waste within our Southern California landfills
  • Avoiding surprises on your shredding invoices. Unlike others, we don’t add on a fuel surcharge or other add on fees.

Sergeant Shredder Mobile Shredding Options

At Sergeant Shredder we understand that every medical and dental office has its own requirements to meet regulations. Let us help you be prepared in the event of an HIPAA audit.

  1. One-Time Shredding – perfect for large projects like:
    • Annual purging of old patient files
    • Converting to electronic medical records
    • Disposing of X-rays, microfiche, hard drives or other electronic media
  2. Regularly Scheduled Shredding – use our complimentary secure document bins to store unwanted materials in between regularly scheduled shredding visits.

With either option, you can receive a Certificate of Destruction for your HIPAA compliance records. Knowing who has access to your patients’ sensitive documents is a critical security issue for your medical or dental practice, even after they are destroyed. Our vetted shredding technicians come to you so you know your items are completely and securely destroyed.

Disposal of protected health information doesn’t have to be a scary thing. We have been guiding clients throughout Southern California on the best methods for destroying sensitive information while meeting guidelines and federal laws, such as shredding for HIPAA. We have a great reputation within the health community, helping keeping sensitive patient information safe through secure shredding.

Contact us today to get a free quote for shredding for HIPAA compliance.

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